Autographed 2023 Kevin Harvick Atlanta AND All-Star Full Size Replica

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Limited Edition!  In Kevin’s final year, he is picking some of his favorite/memorable helmets and updating them with current sponsors/colors.  This is the fourth of the collection of helmets that will be produced this year.  

Kevin provided one of the most historic and emotional victories in the modern NASCAR® era when he took the checkered flag at Atlanta Motor Speedway in March of 2001. Not only was it Harvick’s first series victory in just his third start, but it provided closure to what had been one of the most difficult stretches in the sport’s history. The helmet being worn at the 2023 Atlanta (March) race AND the 2023 All-Star Race is one that honors that win as he wore this AC Delco design in 2001. 

Not designed to be worn, collectible item only.